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Requesting Files Using The Receive Module

Using the Binfer Receive module, data can be requested from others, even those who do not have a Binfer client installed on their device. All files are sent direct device-to-device, never being stored on a Binfer server.

To create a request, follow the below steps.

  1. Login to the Binfer Management console
  2. Click the “RECEIVE” module in the left pane
  3. Click “ADD” to begin a new share
    1. SUMMARY TAB – Add a ‘Subject’, which will serve as the name of your Request. Add an optional note to those you wish to receive files under “Description”.
    2. OPTIONS TAB – Select advanced options as needed.
      Once you’ve filled in all needed information in the Summary and Options tabs, click “SAVE” at the top
  4. Once you’ve filled in al needed information in the Summary and Options tabs, click “SAVE” at the top to finalize the information. NOTE: Further action will need to be taken to send your request after it has been created.

Once your Receive request is created, follow the below steps to send your request to the desired parties. Receive options include via a link or via a Binfer client.

  1. LINK: Select any created Receive request. To email the link using Binfer, click “EMAIL” at the top. To copy the link to your clipboard and paste it into a message outside of Binfer, simply click the “Link” button.
  2. BINFER CLIENT: To send a request directly to another Binfer device, click “Binfer 2 Binfer”. A pop-up will appear that will allow you to select the device and users to be notified.