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BinferServer Does Not Support Auto Updates

BinferServer by default checks to make sure that you have all the necessary tools on your machine to support automatic updates.  If your system says that you cannot support auto updates, below are possible issues and how to resolve them.

If you cannot take the resolution actions outlined below, please contact your Binfer representative for help on upgrading.

Missing sc Command

During the automatic update process Binfer relies on the window’s sc command to control stopping and starting services.

How to confirm this is your issue

To test if this is the issue blocking your system from supporting auto updates, open a Command Prompt window on the machine running BinferServer.  To do this, click the Window’s icon in the bottom left of your screen and search Command Prompt.  Once you have the window opened, enter the following command:

sc query BinferServer

If you get the result “sc is not recognized as an internal or external command“, that confirms this is your issue.  If it returns info about the BinferServer service, this is not your issue.

How to resolve this issue

The sc command should be present at the path C:\Windows\System32\sc.exe.  Please first check this path and see if the file exists.

If the file does not exist, to correct the problem, restore the missing service from your Windows Server installation software, Windows Resource Kit, or other resource.

If the file does exist, your system PATH has lost track of the sc command, please add it back into your system PATH.